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Yoga Making a Difference

From Yoga on Boston Common event I used to go to Yoga-lates classes at my gym, you know, a combination of yoga and pilates. Looking back, those classes were my first introduction to yoga and I wish that I had started at a studio instead. So many people still confuse yoga and pilates. I’m sure this is due, in part, to classes like this one. There is nothing wrong with a class like this except that I didn’t know what I was missing… there was no attention paid to one of the main reasons you practice yoga… to feel connected to your spirit. I am a fan of fitness but I am a much bigger fan of having that connection, not just with myself but with the yoga community. After I had my baby in May of 2014, I longed for something that could help me feel like “myself” again but what I didn’t know was that I was looking for my my new “self”. I signed up for a vinyasa class at our nearby yoga studio, a little intimidated by taking a serious yoga class.  What I learned in that practice and all since is that yoga is about you and what you want it to be. I was welcomed with open arms, taught new ways to quiet my mind and instructed on the poses themselves but moreover, I was made aware that I am a vibrant and beautiful creature of the world, with a lot to offer those around me and a lot to offer myself. I can push myself or I can give myself a break. I can embrace being a mother or I can be an individual taking care of me. That is truly the special thing about your yoga practice, that it’s yours. I have found many fun ways to practice, whether it’s a traditional flow class or Glow Yoga with black lights + body paint. I am loving this journey! Yoga isn’t just about the practice, though. The yoga apparel and accessory industry has been booming in the US. You can bet that I am onboard that train. My love of cute and different yoga apparel is apparently driven by my love of shopping and love of yoga. You name it and I have invested in it but I don’t just look for my yoga duds to be stylish. I want to see that the brand I am supporting, supports others.  I have found that yoga is an amazing way to bind with other extremely giving people. It’s in the zen nature of most yogis I have met to want to give back to their world. The charity that I have seen within the yoga community has been awesome and this includes apparel companies much like Temple Flower. Temple Flower's philanthropic partner, The Barefoot College, teaches women of rural villages leadership and technical skills in the field of Solar Electrification to take back to their communities. For every purchase made, Temple Flower donates a portion of that sale to partners that helpwomen better themselves and their communities, emphasizing education and empowerment. Temple Flower and their partners are committed to working in historically marginalized communities, educating middle aged women to encourage rural development. I know that it makes me feel better knowing that a brand that I support is taking my love and spreading it around the globe. Not every brand can say that they help people in a real way. Yoga has helped me in a real way. I know that it has been a source of encouragement and growth in many, many lives. From the yoga studios in the US to the Learning Journeys of Barefoot College,Yoga is making a difference every day. Will you give it a chance to make a difference in your journey?


By: Amanda Light of Prim and Propah Ali Singer and Amanda Light Ali Singer and Amanda Light

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