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The Wild Lush

IMG_3869 The Wild Lush print was hand drawn and designed by our co-founder Neesha Sodha to specifically capture the interaction of the energy and culture of the Indian people with the nature they live in. Much like the country's diverse and culturally vibrant people, the natural environment is rich in color and diverse in habitats. It is the simple expressions of rich vibrant color that unite the throng of lifestyles and traditions as well as the many different rich, diverse habitats. Style_773_Empress_Legging_Wild_Lush_27485_72_11546de5-fb16-4a53-a8a3-bd5e370a7de6 Neesha, always inspired by art and soul of India, created a print that captured India’s natural realm. Her use of colorful flowers and flowing leaves represent the country's dramatic rivers, fabled jungles and dynamic specturm of wild flowers and vegetation. In Indian culture, the color green symbolizes nature and therefore is a manifestation all that is. jas on bike

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