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Find the Perfect Beach Wave Hair Spray for Summer

blog beach hair Its May and the first day of summer is officially a few weeks away. To get a jump start we are are collecting all of our favorite summer products. An essential hair product to have in your go-to arsenal is a good sea salt spray to create those effortless, windblown beachy waves. We'll save you some time (and money) in the search for the perfect beach spray because we've already tried them all and have some of our favorites listed below.

1. Not Your Mothers Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray- One of the best things about this spray is its delicious beach scent! It's great for thick hair, giving it extra volume and the perfect gritty beach texture and matte finish. Apply to wet hair and run your fingers through it as your gently blow dry.

2. kms Hair Play Sea Salt Spray- Spray on wet hair and blow dry for thick, voluminous hair. Or scrunch hair while drying to get a more windblown and curly look with a flexible all-day hold. This one isn't too heavy or sticky so it works well to re-freshen for 2nd day hair.

3. Lush Sea Spray- This spray is best for fine hair. It creates natural looking body that lasts and it doesn't leave your hair feeling grimy. Best to not use a hair dryer with this one... let your strands air dry or put it in wet hair and braid overnight to wake up with those sexy beach waves.

4. evo Salty Dog Cocktail Beach Spray- One of my favorite beach sprays! Its very light and creates a perfect texturized windblown look while keeping definition in wavy or curly hair. And doesn't dry out hair (my biggest complaint with sea salt sprays). Spray a generous amount all over hair and let air dry or blow dry for the carefree beach look. This one also works wonders as a refresher and frizz fighter on dry hair and perks up 2nd day hair.

5. Bamboo Summer Ocean Waves- This product is just sticky enough to do the job but doesn't leave your hair feeling dirty. Scrunch a generous amount on wet hair and blow dry for a tousled beach look without parabens or sulfates. It also works great as a finishing texturizing spray.

6. Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray- Adds tons on volume and texture. This one gets even the straightest hair to wave. Feels just like saltwater in your hair. Holds style well, but be careful, one spray too many and you'll have grungy looking hair. Best to use on wet hair and blow dry.

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