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L.A.'s Juice Scene

LA juice scene Trendy juice shops have been popping up all over Los Angeles. The juice craze is far from over. With a city that lives and breathes healthy lifestyle choices, the nutrient packed, low calorie drink squeezed on hydraulic presses (even better for you than conventional juicers) will be sticking around for awhile. Whether you're embarking a 7 day juice cleanse or grabbing a lunch drink, here are 5 of my favorite juice stops around the city. 1. The Punchbowl (Los Feliz)- This place is known for its high quality, fresh, organic ingredients and fun menu options that change according to what is in season. You can choose from names like Gold Rush, Spark Plug or Zeus Juice although I usually end up getting a shake here because they have so many delicious choices! They really know how to combine the best ingredients. Try a Rita Hayworth with primrose oil, coconut, strawberries, rose water and honey. the punchbowl - field greensThe punchbowl 2. Moon Juice (Venice)- The cilantro celery punch is one of my favorites from Moon Juice. I LOVE LOVE LOVE their Moon Milks, however they can get a little pricey at $12. I do love their hippie vibe; they sell a bunch of interesting health staples in their "Moon Pantry" including Vanilla Mushroom Protein and Mucuna Pruriens. They also have a Cosmic Provisions section with healthy snacks and dusts and tonics for everything from beauty and brain to sex and spirit. moon juice cleansemoon juice in venice 3. Kreation (Beverly Hills)-I love all the cute decor and color at this place. They have one of the biggest selections of cleanses to choose from depending on your needs. One of my favorite juices is the "Skinny" - a cantaloupe, carrot and ginger mix, but you can also create your own. They have a juice truck that travels around the city so you can get your juice fix on the go. kreation juices kreation 4. Pressed Juicery (West Hollywood)- One of the bigger chain juice bars, it has over 10 locations around LA. They also have one of the bigger selections of juices and the probably the biggest selection of green mixes. I did their 3 day cleanse and it was fast and easy to pick up my 7 juices each morning. This place is less about the experience and more about a quick juice. Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 3.02.00 PM pressed juicery 5. Clover Juice (Hancock Park)- This cute little shop founded by husband and wife team has a storefront on South La Brea and one on West 3rd street. There is not a huge selection, but they have by far my favorite nut drink- The Le Lait, a mix of almond, pistachio, cashew, vanilla bean and coconut nectar its smooth, sweet deliciousness. Their signature juice, The Clover, is a great staple green juice. Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 3.50.38 PM Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 3.50.15 PM

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