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Temple Flower Exclusive: Find Happiness, Purpose and Abundance With an Open Crown Chakra

The sahasrana chakra, also known as the crown chakra, is the 7th chakra located at the top of the head. It is the center for happiness, trust, inspiration and devotion. It is also our connection to something greater than us. The crown chakra connects us to the universe, the divine source of creation. The crown chakra embodies the color violet or white as it is the color of the divine. An opening lotus flower, symbolizing spiritual awakening, often represents this chakra. By awakening our spiritual self, we transcend our ego and our physical world to a higher state of awareness where there is abundance, joy and purpose. It is here that we find oneness with all things, a sense of unity and a realization that we are all fundamentally connected. Similar to the root chakra grounding us and connecting us with Mother Earth, the crown chakra opens us to the light of the divine energy, connecting us with the energy of the soul. It is here that we find true happiness and are awakened to the deeper meaning of the soul and of the connectedness of the universe. All things are possible with the truth and energy of the divine. Open your crown chakra and tap into the source and you will be free and full of life and you will find trust in your journey. You will know everything you need to know, be right where you need to be and have everything you need to have.

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