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Namaste Earth: 5 Ways to Honor our Mother Earth Today

earth day copy The Earth is our home. Our beautiful, amazing, mysterious, breathtaking home during our sacred journey through life. Earth deserves for us to take responsibility for how we treat her. We are just visitors, we take in her amazing beauty and she nourishes us with food and water during our short time here. Earth sustains us and gives us life. But how will we leave her when we are gone? How will we show our gratitude? The politics surrounding environment issues have made us forget the simplicity of it all. We are blinded by money, ego and things we think we need. We forget that we are not the only ones here, that we share this Earth with millions of other living creatures and that we have one simple job: to share it and take care of it. To leave Earth how it was when we got here. To leave a footprint of our existence, but not of our destruction, our pollution and our garbage. To not tarnish Earth, but to honor it and the life it gives us. Earth Day was originally proposed as a day to honor our Earth and the concept of peace on Earth. The very first Earth Day created an alliance between all groups of people. Everyone was in favor of cleaner air and the protection of our environment. Let’s bring back that sentiment of honor and oneness this year. This Earth Day let’s celebrate and honor our peaceful Mother Earth. Here are 5 Ways to Honor Earth Today:
  1. Be mindful of the water you drink, the food you eat and the sunshine you enjoy today. All come from our amazing Earth.
  2. Plant a flower or a tree. Make Earth a little greener. Plants and trees are beautiful and they absorb CO2.
  3. Leave the car at home. Walk or bike to work, take in the fresh air, get some exercise and for one day, avoid putting pollution into the air.
  4. Volunteer. There are tons of events and cleanup activities on Earth Day. Find one in your area and join your neighbors in cleaning up our planet.
  5. Teach the next generation. It’s important to set a good example for the next generation of leaders. Involve kids in Earth Day learning and activities.

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