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Living Vibrantly - Who's Ready To Dance with Temple Flower?

Dancing in your Temple Flower apparel is one of the most freeing, mood lifting, fun activities that provides a whole slew of benefits to your body and mind. Whether it’s an impromptu dance session in your kitchen or a fitness dance class at your local gym, dancing can bring you health and happiness. Dancing beats depression. It gets endorphins flowing. An endorphin boost fights low moods, anxiety and fatigue. Freely moving your body clears your mind and gives you an outlet for your emotions.  As you move to music, you become in tune and aware of your movements and develop mindfulness of the present moment. Dancing allows you to explore self-expression. You are creating art. Your body becomes your tool as you connect with other people or your self and the music. Like all forms of self-expression, you open your mind, flex your creativity muscles and experience your true creative self. Dancing is a fun form of exercise. If you’re sick of hitting the elliptical machine and need to change it up, dance! Dancing is a great way to burn calories and have fun doing it. Put on your dancing shoes and get movin’!

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