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Happy Holi!

holi festival Today is the Hindu festival Holi. It is the joyous festival of love and color that usher in the spring. It is always celebrated the day after the full moon in early March to send wishes of good harvest and fertile land in the upcoming spring months. The celebration traditionally begins with a bonfire on Holi eve and continues the next day with dance, music, fun, play, and lots of bright colors. People go around spreading bright colored powder on each other’s faces and throwing colored water on people passing by. After celebrating with colors all day, people go home to clean up, put on nice clothes and visit with family and friends in the evening. The day of Holi is a chance for new beginnings and a time to renew relationships with friends and family. The festival signifies the triumph of “good” over “evil,” and similar to other Hindu celebrations, there are many myths that go along with the festival. One symbolic legend explains that the word Holi comes from “Holika,” the evil sister of the demon, indestructible king who thought he was God. The king’s son, Prahlada, refused to worship his father as God. Holika tricked Prahlada to sit with her on a prye. Holika was wearing a cloak that protected her from the fire. When the fire started, the cloak blew off of Holika and onto Prahlada, protecting him from fire while Holika burned. Then, Vishnu (a Hindu God) came and killed the king and the bonfire became a celebrated tradition on Holi eve. Color your soul today and celebrate the festival of colors and renewal and springtime!

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