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A Trip to the Hollywood Farmer's Market - 5 Reasons to Shop at Your Local Farmer's Market

FullSizeRender (1) Farmer’s Markets are one of my favorite Sunday morning activities. I happen to live a few blocks from one of the best in L.A- the Hollywood Farmer’s Market. There’s something about the smell of amazing food, thebright colors of fruits and vegetables and the casual strolling that makes fora lovely morning. Aside from the pleasure of being outside on a sunny daybrowsing fresh produce, here are 5 reasons to start shopping at Farmer’s Markets.

1.  Taste freshness. The fruits and vegetables you buy at a farmer’s market are the freshest. Farmer’s are able to pick their produce at the peak of ripeness and bring it directly to you instead of it needing to travel far distances to suppliers and grocery stores. This keeps the produce fresh, high in nutrients, and it also ensures that the food is not damaged or bruised.  IMG_3075

2.  Eat high quality food that nourishes your body. A lot of the produce found in grocery stores has been highly processed or genetically modified. It’s also likely that its been waxed or gassed to prevent moisture loss in transit and increase its shelf life. All of these practices have negative effects on health. Small, local farms, however, usually take pride in their nutrient rich, minimally processed produce and will harvest right before the market to ensure freshness. There is no long-distance shipping, no chemicals and no sitting in boxes for days. IMG_3037

3.  Connect with your community and support the local economy. One of the coolest things at farmer’s markets is meeting the people who grow your food. You can learn about the process, the farm and exactly how your food was grown. The farmers will also often give you tips on best ways to cook your food. You are supporting your local economy made of people you know. IMG_3078

4.  Help the environment. On average, food in the U.S. travels over 1,000 miles before hitting your grocery store shelves. All this travel creates a lot of air pollution from transportation and trash from the packaging. Food from farmers markets usually travels very short distances and the farmers are generally mindful to minimize their impact on the environment. IMG_3080 2

5.  Promote humane treatment of animals. Most local family farms raise animals hormone and antibiotic-free, with natural diets, in free-range conditions. They are not in the un-natural, cramped, caged environments of typical mass-production factory farms. IMG_3081

This guy gives his baby goat free rein of his house and yard.

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