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4 Arm Balances You Should Master

Arm balances are a great way to build strength and work on balance.They also challenge you to focus on your breath as it’s easy to hold it in while you hold the pose. They key to mastering arm balances is not to get too anxious over them; relax and think about each body part lifting itself. Here are a few to practice. becca arm balance crow CROW POSE (Bakasana) Crow pose is usually the beginner of arm balances. You need to have built up some yogi strength before attempting any arm balance, but this is a good one to start with. Practice keeping calm and steadying your breath as you go into the pose. Crow strengthens your arm muscles and the muscles around your core. Grip the floor with your hands to take some weight out of your wrists. becca arm balanceside crow SIDE CROW (Parsva Bakasana)  Side Crow is another compact arm balance that tones and strengthens your arms and core, specifically your obliques. Crow and Side Crow help increase hand and wrist strength while testing your focus and balance. Make sure you twist enough to get the outer edge of your upper arm around the outside of the opposite thigh. And always remember to do both sides! becca arm balance chin stand CHIN STAND Chin Stand is an arm balance that requires you to be very open in your back and your hips. This pose really works and strengthens your back and shoulders. Its a big back bend, so take it slow and don’t rush to get into the pose. becca arm balance scorpion SCORPION POSE (Vrschikasana)  Scorpion Pose is one of the most challenging arm balances. It requires a lot of upper back strength and balance. This pose opens your heart and hips and strengthens your back and shoulders. Its also a semi-inversion so it elevates your heart rate and heats up your core and digestive system.  

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February 03, 2016

Brilliant post and has given me some ideas to begin arm stands! So far have only mastered the crow pose! Thank you!

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