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How To Be Healthier By Simply Stepping Outside

Ever wonder why it feels good to go outside to get fresh air or take a walk?  Well, it’s because it is literally good for you.  There are multiple studies having to do with the effects of being outside on varying illnesses or conditions. They’ve shown that patients recovering in rooms with a view of nature have shorter hospital stays than patients who have a view of the parking lot or a wall. Other studies have shown how gardening can improve the quality of life for people with disabilities or how trees in cities can make the community feel safer. And children with ADHD have been proven to focus better after spending some time outdoors.

The sounds of nature reduce depression, sunlight makes people happier and chemicals emitted from trees increase activity in cancer fighting white blood cells. Being surrounded by wildlife lowers blood pressure. Our natural environment is calming and peaceful and healing.

And it makes perfect sense. “Humans are innately engaged in nature,” says author Marianne Thorsen Gonzalez, PhD. The Japanese figured it out years ago and created “Forest Bathing” as a stress management and relaxation activity.

We are connected to the divine flow of energy that runs through all living things. When we are surrounded by nature, our energy flows freely and we feel connected. By being in our natural environment, we gain physical benefits and mental wellness. Our spirits are free and peaceful. So spend 30 minutes a day and take a walk, sit in the park or lay in the sun. Appreciate our precious Earth and reap the benefits it offers your mind, body and soul. 


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