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7 Reasons Why You Should Be Inverting Everyday

Inversions are any asana (or body position) in which your heart is higher than your head. Inverting is popular in yoga not only because it’s good balance practice, but also because it offers many health benefits.

Here are 7 reasons why you should be incorporating an inversion practice into your daily routine or yoga practice.

1. Gain a new perspective

Many things in life are all about your perspective. Clear your head and bring more oxygen to your brain while turning your world upside down and giving yourself a new outlook on old habits. Maybe find the answer to the life question you’ve been pondering.

2. Face Fear

Going upside down is scary for everyone, especially if you’re new to inversions. But by practicing everyday, gaining strength and improving your balance, you will eventually master the thing you feared.

3. Work Your Core

Your whole upper body gets a workout when you’re upside down, but it’s your core that keeps you up. To hold the inversion posture you really have to tighten your core and pull your mid-section in.

4. Energize Your Immune System

A natural detox. The lymph that flows through your body picks up toxins and releases them through your lymph nodes. Turning upside-down allows everything to move smoothly, stimulating your immune system.

5. Strengthen Your Lungs

Gravity causes you to use more of your lower lungs, so when you are upside down you use more of your upper lungs, creating improved oxygen to blood exchange. Practice inversions long enough and next time you go for a run you will notice you breath easier and can run longer.

6. Help Your Digestive System

By being inverted the muscles around your digestive organs naturally release tension, giving them a minute (or an hour if you’re a super yogi) to relax and restore while you are upside down. Being in an inversion also heats up your body and your digestive fire.

7. Look Younger

Who doesn’t want that? Reversing gravity for a few minutes everyday gives you a natural everything-lift. It also brings fresh blood, oxygen and nutrients to your face giving you a refreshed glow.  

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