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Living Vibrantly - How to Meditate on the Go

We’ve all heard the mental, physical and spiritual benefits of meditating, but the reality is most people don’t keep up with a regular mediation practice. Some people struggle with sitting still for 15 minutes and others can’t find a quiet time or place during the day. While the benefits of sitting in meditation for longer periods of time are great, if you are new to mediation and live a busy lifestyle like most of us do, you need a more obtainable place to start. For most people, a walking meditation is a lot less daunting than sitting still in silence. Leave your phone at home or at the office and carve out 30 minutes for an un-interrupted walk with yourself. For the multi-taskers, you also get in some rejuvenating exercise. As you walk, notice your surroundings, notice the way your feet hit the pavement as you take each step. Be aware of how the different parts of your body feel as you are walking. Feel the air on your arms, how your hair moves with the wind and maybe how the sun beats on your face. Pay attention to the sounds of nature around you. Be aware of your thoughts as you walk. Don’t concentrate on making your mind go blank, but rather be an observer to the thoughts that pass through your mind. If you find yourself getting too deep into a thought, bring your awareness back to each step you take. Being in nature observing your thoughts can bring you the stillness you need in each of your days.

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